Cookies policy

Browsing this website with your browser’s cookies setting turned to “on” means that you accept our use of cookies according to this policy. If you do not accept cookies, you may turn them off in your browser. Cookies help us to remember your preferences and to recognize you in your following browsing sessions. All this is accomplished by storing certain information in your terminal. Some of the cookies are created by us, and some by other websites.

Things you should know about cookies

Cookies are used by most websites. When you surf a website that makes use of Cookies, the website tells your web browser to create in your device (computer, laptop, phone, tablet) small data files with information necessary for the website to function properly. These small data files are the so called Cookies. They are an integral part of the web technology and are not inherently harmful.

Traces of your browsing activity and the Cookies are stored in your terminal. Cookies, in a similar fashion to your browser’s history, are a trace of your online activity. This may be important if other people is using your terminal. If you are using a shared terminal, we recommend that you delete your browser history, browser cache and cookies. If you do not know how, please refer to your browser’s help page.

You may disable cookies, but some parts of the website may not function properly. If you are worried by your privacy, you may completely turn off Cookies in your web browser. In case you do it, it is possible that some features do not work properly.

Use of plug-ins and third-party cookies
This website uses plug-ins and cookies provided by third parties. Browsing with cookies turned on requires that you accept the privacy policy of the plug-in or cookie provider. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you may block them on your web browser.

The plugins and cookies used by this website include:

Plugin Main cookies created by the plugin Purpose of the plugin Provider’s privacy policy
Google Analytics __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, etc Google Analytics transfer to Google your IP address and anonymous information on the use of the website. Google is located at the USA and processes data for commercial purposes according to its own privacy policies. es/analytics/privacy overview.html
Complements de Google (Google Translate) nid, pref y khcookie Google provides us with a plugin to translate the website. Google is located at the USA and processes data for commercial purposes according to its own privacy policies.
Yandex Yandex yandexuid yabs-sid Cookies are small files that Yandex.Browser uses to get information on the places you’ve visited. Normally, websites store cookies on the user’s browser to help them “recognise” the visitor. For more information:

NOTE: this information was updated on 31/01/2014 and we regularly check it to ensure correctness, but we can’t ensure it is 100% accurate at all the times.

How to block or delete cookies

The majority of web browsers allow you to disable completely the use of Cookies. They also allow you to delete cookies created by specific domains/websites. To find out how to do it, please refer to your browser’s help page.

The information is also covered in web browser’s online support pages:

– Chrome:

– Explorer:

– Firefox:

– Safari:

– Safari para IOS:

– Opera:

Remember: if you block cookies, it is possible that certain services or functions do not work properly.