Discover the contributions of the tradesmen working on building the Sagrada Família and learn how we strive to be faithful to Gaudí’s vision, 135 years after construction began.

Metalworking, in Gaudí’s blood

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Gaudí is known for his contribution to the field of architecture, and this, in large part, is due to the fact that he incorporated his in-depth knowledge of artisan trades into his works, especially metalworking, shaping pieces with blows from a hammer. From a very young age, he learned the technique of forging: heating metal …

Trencadís mosaic, hallmark of Gaudí

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Antoni Gaudí was a revolutionary in his time and soon became one of the most characteristic architects of the Catalan Modernisme movement. His work, highly personal and imaginative, drew inspiration from plants and animals found in nature and his interest in using organic shapes that are curved instead of flat led him to create his …