The tower of Luke: heading towards 86.62 metres

This week, work is moving forward on putting the panels in place on the towers of the Evangelists. Specifically, the tower of Luke will rise one more level and standing 86.62 metres above street level.

This new milestone should be reached by the end of this year and will be shared with the tower of Mark, which will also reach this height by the end of 2017. It is worth noting that both towers reached the second level in September and that instruments like the so-called mother crane allow this to happen quickly and easily.

As the panels are being put in place on these two towers, work is also under way on the staircases and railings inside.

The other two towers of the Evangelists John and Matthew are expected to reach the same height as the towers of Luke and Mark in mid 2018. This, in fact, will be when the towers of the Evangelists are connected to the tower of Jesus Christ by bridges.

The towers are expected to be completed by 2022, when the Jesus Christ tower will stand 172.5 metres tall, surrounded by the four towers of the Evangelists, at 135 metres tall, while the tower of the Virgin Mary, located over the apse, will be 140 metres tall.

The twelve shorter towers, representing the apostles, are located on the façades and are 100 metres tall.

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