Passion façade complete with shroud of the Holy Sepulchre

Today, we put in place the burial shroud, the sheet that covered Jesus’s body, above the opening to the sculpture group of the Empty Tomb on the Passion façade.

In order to put this piece in place, a special crane was used. The shroud, which is designed in three pieces, weighs a total of 665 kg and, on the side visible from the street, is 1.25 metres tall. Like the rest of the sculptures in the Holy Sepulchre group, it is the work of Francesc Fajula, who based it on a real sheet laying over the rock where the tomb is located.

This was the last piece to complete the Passion façade, construction of which began in 1954. Over the past few months, several pieces have been put in place: the lion, Isaac’s sacrificial lamb, the scene of the Holy Sepulchre, with the angel announcing the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the three Marys, and the sculpture group of the Cross of Glory, at the very top of the cyma.



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